Steve Anderson, Founder of Prime Candidate, was delighted to be invited to speak at the Atos Diversity Expo in London yesterday. The Expo aimed to cover all elements of the diversity and inclusion agenda, and we were proud to be asked to represent the focus on age diversity in the work-place.

Head of the Atos ‘Generations’ programme, Monika Upadhyay, asked Steve to talk about advocacy of the Baby Boomer generation. This generation, now in the 50+ age group, is an ever increasing, important factor to the success of the work-place and the wider economy.

Steve presented how and why this age-group offers so much potential and opportunity to employers, but that there are barriers, in terms of perception, myth and bias to overcome. Employers have the opportunity to enrich their work-place with a diverse range of experience and skills, and a practical approach to facilitate this endeavour, is now available via Prime Candidate’s ‘Champion Age Diversity’.

The Expo was held at the Atos UK & Ireland Head Office in London, but was also streamed live, (see main pic above) via the Atos Global Network. Other guest speakers included Sandra Kerr, OBE, Race Equality Director at BITC,

Champion Age Diversity

L-R: Steve Anderson, Founder/Prime Candidate; Adrian Gregory, CEO/Atos; Monika Upadhyay, Atos/’Generations’ Programme

It was great to see that Atos demonstrate a keen view of age diversity, that was further evidenced with the attendance of Atos, CEO, Adrian Gregory, for Steve’s session. It was clear through the Q&A session, that Steve and Adrian share many common values, and are committed to put those ideals in to practice.

Recognising the benefits of an age diverse workforce is a challenge, and opportunity, for employers of all (public – private – industry) sectors, and of all sizes….Don’t miss out…..Be a Champion….Steve would love to hear from you directly,  contact Steve at [email protected]