We Champion Age Diversity

Diversity and InclusionPrime Candidate is a Social Enterprise organisation, accredited with the ‘Champions’ mark, aiming to eliminate inequity in the employment market for the mature worker. Prime Candidate is the leading provider of hope and aspiration to candidates whilst supporting business growth and prosperity.

There are other organisations who say they operate like a Social Enterprise, but you can be sure that Prime Candidate, accredited and certified by Social Enterprise UK, work to provide support, guidance and jobs for the more mature worker, whilst partnering with employers to ensure that their business is enriched with qualities and skills to help development and growth within their business.

Prime Candidate works to help employers achieve Diversity in the workplace by showcasing the talents of mature jobseekers.

Focusing on the plight of the mature worker (typically the over 45’s and over 50’s), we support candidates back in to employment, whilst driving development and growth for the Employer.

Working with Job Seekers and Employers

For Jobseekers – We know the value and important role that this experienced and skilled age group can offer the work place.

For Employers – We incentivise organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, by offering affordable recruitment and transition packages

Champion Age DiversityAs a Social Enterprise, we recognise the social and community benefits of driving employment equality and we lobby and seek influence for continuous improvement in employment opportunities for the mature worker. Employers working with us meet their age diversity and CSR commitments.

Employers benefit from:

  • Quality attributes of experience, reliability, loyalty, ethics, communication
  • Technical competence and know-how
  • Dedicated staff ready to train and up-skill
  • Accelerating business development
  • Plugging skills gaps
  • Affordable and sustainable recruiting
  • Achieving Age Diversity and CSR objectives

Job seekers benefit from:

  • Employers who value life-skills and quality attributes
  • Employers who value experience and know-how
  • Access to roles that are specifically for you
  • Recognition and reward for your knowledge and application
  • Training and advice to be ’employee ready’
  • Employment transition support
  • No fees at all – a totally free service
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