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Champions for Age Diversity in the Workplace 

Prime Candidate promotes the values of an age diverse workforce and provides support, guidance and employment opportunities for people who are looking for career progression, roles in different business and industry sectors or those people who are not currently employed. Whilst our services are available to people of all ages, we actively partner with employers in the public and private sector to raise awareness of the benefits of employing the more mature worker. We are encouraged by how many of them are being more considerate in their recruitment and training processes and are employing skilled and experienced workers who enrich their organisations with their skills, experience and attributes, helping them to develop and grow.  

Partnerships with Employers 

We partner with employers of all sizes, from small and medium businesses to large corporations. All the partners have signed up to the Age Diversity Forum which means they are Champions of Age Diversity and especially open to employing mature workers. 

We also support employers through our Outplacement Service. When tough decisions have to be made, this service provides added value to the employer and employee, in that the released employee can join our Outplacement programme to assess and consolidate new career avenues, whilst also joining the recruitment programme and accessing new opportunities.  


From Advice and Guidance to Jobs 

Dependent on your current circumstances, we offer a range of recruitment and training services to help you. As well as a simple Job Search function, we also offer a range of support and activities that help you stand out and allow employers to see the person behind the CV. We provide a toolkit of activities so that will enable you to showcase all your skills, experience, expertise and soft skills and put you in a strong position to secure new employment 

Quick and Easy Registration to Access Support and Jobs 

It’s a very quick and easy process to register with us. Once registered you will gain access to the Job Search functionality and the candidate toolkit in the Advice and Guidance Centre. 

Champion Age DiversityJob seekers benefit from: 

  • Employers who value life-skills and quality attributes 
  • Employers who value experience and know-how 
  • Access to roles that are specifically for you 
  • Recognition and reward for your knowledge and application 
  • Guidance and advice to be ’employee ready’ 
  • Employment transition support 
  • No fees at all – a totally free service 


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