How can Prime Candidate help you, here’s Pete, sharing his experience:

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Champions for Older Workers

Prime Candidate work to provide support, guidance and jobs for the more mature worker, whilst partnering with employers to ensure that their business is enriched with qualities and skills to help development and growth within their business.

We lobby the public and private sector to raise awareness of the ‘hidden’ workforce and how they can be employed to create sustainable growth.

For All Employers

We make our service accessible for all size of employer, from the micro, 1-10 people business, to large corporates, with an affordable and straightforward process of advertising new roles. We don’t have any gimmicks, just an effective and efficient system to match the right candidate to the right role.

From Training to Jobs

Dependent on your current circumstances, we offer a range of recruitment and training services to help you. From a simple Job Search function to a classroom based training session, we provide you with all the tools you need to seek a new employment position. We pride ourselves on our ability to match candidates, and our unique approach is utilised for all candidates and employers.

We also support employers with their commitment to Age Diversity programmes, Corporate and Social Responsibilities, and creating employer benefits, through our Outplacement Service. When tough decisions have to be made, this service provides added value to the employer and employee, in that the released employee can join our Outplacement programme to assess and consolidate new career avenues, whilst also joining the recruitment programme and accessing new opportunities. Again, we have designed this unique programme to provide ultimate value to both candidate and employer, with hope and aspiration for the candidate and an affordable package for the employer that helps them offer significant value to their HR and Employee benefits.

Quick and Easy Registration to Access Support and Jobs

It’s a very quick and easy process to register with us. Once registered you will gain access to the Job Search functionality, and for help with addressing some key elements of the recruitment process and training opportunities, please visit our Training and Advice Centre.

Job seekers benefit from:

  • Employers who value life-skills and quality attributes
  • Employers who value experience and know-how
  • Access to roles that are specifically for you
  • Recognition and reward for your knowledge and application
  • Training and advice to be ’employee ready’
  • Employment transition support
  • No fees at all – a totally free service

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