14November, 2016

Supporting an older – and Bolder – workforce

November 14th, 2016|Categories: News|

Mike Thompson, Barclays, Director Early Careers This month, we hear from Mike Thompson, Director of Early Careers at Barclays. "It has been widely reported that we are facing a chronic skills shortage in the UK. The Government has suggested that based on current employer plans we will need to fill 13.5 million job vacancies in the next ten years, but only seven million young people will leave school and college in that time. We have to address the gap left by the younger generation by providing opportunities to unlock the talent in older and more experienced workers – a sector that is currently heavily undervalued. Several studies over recent years have shown older workers to be more productive and reliable than their younger counterparts1; this comes as no surprise considering their length of experience. However, employers do still favour new graduates over older workers entering at the same level, [...]

27September, 2016

Do You Value Diversity? Let’s Talk….

September 27th, 2016|Categories: News|

an invitation from Steve Anderson, Founder of Social Enterprise for Age Diversity, Prime Candidate, and Designer of the Champion Age Diversity charter We exhibited at the Weston-super-Mare jobs fair last week, a tremendous event where we met with many candidates and employers. We were pleased to welcome John Penrose, MP to our stand. John Penrose is a keen supporter of age diversity, and recognises the important contribution that mature workers can bring to an organisation. We are delighted that Mr.Penrose identifies Prime Candidate as the primary vehicle of hope, aspiration and delivery, for both employers and job seekers. Job seekers registering with Prime Candidate receive a wide range of employability support, that also includes a tangible opportunity to find work. This is achieved through our ever increasing engagement with employers who advertise their open job vacancies with us. These employers know the benefits and values that a balanced workforce can bring [...]

22August, 2016

Age Diverse Olympics

August 22nd, 2016|Categories: News|

Well, what a great Olympics, especially for Team GB!! It seems the investment in athletes, together with the experience and know-how of their support teams of coaches, physios, psychologists, technologists, nutritionists, and the technical and innovative gurus, over 20 years has paid off. The results in performance and productivity have improved each Olympic cycle since 1996, with 2016 being the best medal return in over 100 years. It demonstrates that diversity of competence, skills, and experience can have a hugely positive effect on outcomes. If we, as former Team GB Cycling Performance Director, Dave Brailsford would,  look at the marginal gains that can be attained through age diversity: loyalty; reliability; work ethic; and customer service; are all attributes that added value to the overall objectives and goals achieved by Team GB. It’s clear from the results that the integration of disciplines and diversity, together with a multi-generational team spirit had a cumulative [...]

17August, 2016

Age Diversity – Time to Focus

August 17th, 2016|Categories: News|

A recent Foresight Project for the Government Office for Science highlights the inadequacies of a latent age diversity agenda across industries, in both private and public sectors. As the term suggests, diversity and inclusion is a key area of behaviour and resource focus, of which age has a place. However, it may prove worthwhile to raise the age profile. Age diversity awareness and targeting is clearly being shown to offer significant positive returns for organisations that adopt policy and governance to showcase commitment, both within the organisation and externally to the outside world of customers, partners and collaborators. People in the UK are living longer than ever before - a major achievement of modern science and healthcare. Older people make up a growing proportion of the population, and so make an increasing contribution to society. They are our workers, volunteers, taxpayers and carers. However, the UK is not making the [...]

11August, 2016

Charlie Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers – “The only source of knowledge is experience”

August 11th, 2016|Categories: News|

We're delighted to welcome a contribution from Charlie Mullins, founder of London's largest independent service company, Pimlico Plumbers. It is clear that Charlie places true values of age diversity in to his business, with support for the Princes Trust, apprenticeships, and recognising the benefits that experienced and mature workers bring to an organisation. We are often asked if the older worker is suited to a particular industry type, but Charlie and his team, along with the many other organations we work with across industries such as engineering, finance, communications and well as in private, public and third sectors...demonstrate that an age diverse approach to building a balanced employment environment is valuable, viable and effective, in any organisation. Steve Anderson/Founder/Prime Candidate .....over to Charlie: "I’d encourage even more businesses to create opportunities for older workers" "It appears the days of presenting employees with a gold clock and a handshake when they reach 65 have been [...]

2August, 2016

A Social Revolution – Champion Age Diversity

August 2nd, 2016|Categories: News|

Prime Candidate is fortunate to have the support of Baroness Ros Altmann, an independent expert on later life challenges, who continues to raise the profile and awareness of the values of an age diversity agenda that includes older workers. Here’s a recent article from Ros doing just that, and we’re delighted that Ros has allowed us to share this with you. Steve Anderson/Founder/Prime Candidate   Social revolution underway as millions more over 50s keep working  Important new Statistical Series released today to track trends in later life working Massive increase in labour force participation for over 50s since the 1980s Older women show largest employment rise while proportion age 70-74 in work has doubled Rise in female participation pre-dates increase in state pension age "There is a social revolution underway, which can benefit millions of people in the UK, which is seeing increasing numbers of over 50s stay in work, continuing [...]