This is a great video (below) from Eleanor Russell-Jones of Arts University Bournemouth, who explores how, in an age of gay pride and marriage equality, why not age equality? This video won an award in this year’s Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Student Design Awards, and it shows how, consciously and sub-consciously, the age agenda attracts negative perception, and from an early age!

We echo these sentiments at Prime Candidate, to raise the profile of age on the diversity agenda. Age is so often overlooked and/or, not prioritised in company diversity and inclusion strategies.

But there is an opportunity for organisations to demonstrate their commitment and pride in age diversity….that’s to become a member of ‘Champion Age Diversity’….an easily accessible route to showcase an employer’s consideration for age.

Diversity and Inclusion

We’d love to hear from all organisations to see how you can become a Champion!


Steve Anderson/Founder/Prime Candidate/[email protected]