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19 July, 2017

Atos Diversity Expo 2017

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Steve Anderson, Founder of Prime Candidate, was delighted to be invited to speak at the Atos Diversity Expo in London yesterday. The Expo aimed to cover all elements of the diversity and inclusion agenda, and we were proud to be asked to represent the focus on age diversity in the work-place. Head of the Atos 'Generations' programme, Monika Upadhyay, asked Steve to talk about advocacy of the Baby Boomer generation. This generation, now in the 50+ age group, is an ever increasing, important factor to the success of the work-place and the wider economy. Steve presented how and why this age-group offers so much potential and opportunity to employers, but that there are barriers, in terms of perception, myth and bias to overcome. Employers have the opportunity to enrich their work-place with a diverse range of experience and skills, and a practical approach to facilitate this endeavour, is now available [...]

10 July, 2017

Age Diversity: Sound, Strategic Sense

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It’s a given that the number of older people available for work is set to grow over the next few years. Over the 10 year period to 2022, it is estimated that there will be an extra 3.7 million workers between 50 and State Pension age, whilst conversely, there will be fewer young people entering the world of work. Our engagement with employers confirm that they understand the demographic changes, but ill-conceived perception and bias in the recruitment environment can create barriers for older workers. Many businesses and organisations planning their strategies for sustainability and growth should be considering a full and balanced view of the resource market, that includes: recruitment without bias, across all age groups; and a plan that is structured with training and development opportunities for all employees, whatever their age. Unfortunately, some of the myths and perceptions about ability and productivity of older people remain, but [...]

23 June, 2017

Why not Age Pride?

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This is a great video (below) from Eleanor Russell-Jones of Arts University Bournemouth, who explores how, in an age of gay pride and marriage equality, why not age equality? This video won an award in this year’s Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Student Design Awards, and it shows how, consciously and sub-consciously, the age agenda attracts negative perception, and from an early age! We echo these sentiments at Prime Candidate, to raise the profile of age on the diversity agenda. Age is so often overlooked and/or, not prioritised in company diversity and inclusion strategies. But there is an opportunity for organisations to demonstrate their commitment and pride in age diversity….that’s to become a member of ‘Champion Age Diversity’….an easily accessible route to showcase an employer’s consideration for age. We'd love to hear from all organisations to see how you can become a Champion!   Steve Anderson/Founder/Prime Candidate/[email protected]

19 June, 2017

We’re wasting the talents of our over-50s!

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So says Jenni Russell of The Times, in a recent article. Jenni has been kind enough to allow us to use the article, and it echoes what we hear on a very regular basis. Job seekers, who are frustrated with attraction channels that remove talent before employers get the chance to consider them for an open role, or those in work, being overlooked for a merited promotion. I heard a very personal example of this from a former work colleague, working in New York, recently, where age was used as a blatant obstacle to progression. Such omissions are ill-advised and mis-guided. The depth and breadth of a demographic pool of resource, that is largely untapped and overlooked, can be a great asset to an employer. Just read through Jenni’s friend’s experience below and it’s clear that employers are missing out. Last year a creative, energetic, 53-year-old friend of mine finally [...]

5 April, 2017

Is this News?? Employees say that Ageism is the most common form of discrimination

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Is this News?? Employees say that Ageism is the most common form of discrimination This is the result of another survey, but we hear stories like this on a regular basis, and only a week or so ago, I heard from a former colleague of their own situation re a promotional barrier being set….according to age! And to show there are no geographical boundaries to the issue, this was a colleague in New York. According to a survey from Lee Hecht Harrison, three in ten people claim promotion processes are unfair due to age – but HR areas are more focused on the gender agenda. However, employees believe that ageism is the most common form of discrimination in the workplace, according to research that suggests a significant proportion of promotion decisions are viewed as unfair. We are able to re-shape this focus when welcoming new Champions to our Age Diversity [...]

19 July, 2016

Prime Candidate – Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016??

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Hello All, just a quick note, as we're pretty excited, and just had to share this news! We've just heard that Prime Candidate has been nominated for a Social Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2016. We don't have much detail at the moment but we believe its part of the Barclays annual awards, and we await more information. Thank you to whoever put us forward! It's great to know our work is being noticed, it all helps towards raising the profile of the skills and attributes of experienced workers. It also shines a light on the employers that recognise the tremendous value this demographic brings to a multi-generational workforce, and to those organisations who demonstrate their commitment through the Champion Age Diversity charter.   Steve Anderson Founder/Prime Candidate

17 July, 2016

Older Workers feel more comfortable with technology than millennials – A new Dropbox study dispels another myth

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Not only is technology well utilised by older workers, its application and introduction to the work-place is better understood and more seamless with the more mature fraternity.  It seems that older workers can offer a flexible and collaborative approach required to improve the work environment. The idea that older workers struggle more than their younger colleagues with technology has been debunked by a new survey by Dropbox, which looks at tech usage and adoption in the workplace, and its impact on productivity, creativity and happiness. The biggest myth that the survey explodes is the technological advantage of the millennial “digital natives.” Data actually shows that levels of adoption of new technologies are pretty even across age ranges. Older workers are just as likely to use as much technology as their younger peers. However, it appears that younger workers are more stressed out, anxious and frustrated by it than their older peers. For example, in the UK [...]

15 June, 2016

Sir David Amess, MP – Champions Age Diversity

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Steve Anderson, Founder of Prime Candidate says: "We're delighted to have Sir David as a Champion for Older Workers. Age Diversity in the workplace is becoming increasingly important to enrich businesses with the qualities and experience this demographic can bring to an organisation. This largely untapped resource can add great benefits to an employer. " Sir David said: “I am extremely happy to be supporting and raising awareness of the ‘Champions Charter’. Harnessing the skills and experience of the more mature worker back in to the work environment will have an immense positive impact to social and commercial communities. The livelihoods of individuals and families will be enhanced, whilst businesses will survive and thrive, driving improved benefit to our region and the wider UK economy.” David Amess was born in 1952 in East London to James and Maud, who turned 100 in May 2012. He graduated with a BSc in [...]

7 June, 2016

Prime Candidate Mobility

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Prime Candidate are very mobile, and not just digitally(!), when it comes to delivering the message of value and benefit that the experienced worker can bring to an organisation. As well as providing interactive communication and information opportunities across all major digital media channels, we provide an on-site service for businesses and organisations to ensure we reach out and meet employers and candidates to give the information and assistance you need to make the best recruitment choices. We are the only organisation who operate at both ends of this employment spectrum, so we are able to bring together the best of employers and candidates to fulfil a mutually beneficial employment and recruitment path. We were part of a great event at JobCentrePlus in Bristol, last week, where we met lots of candidates who are seeking new employment opportunities. The standard and quality of individual is very high and we encourage [...]